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Your home is your haven and Schamber Electric wants you to enjoy it! Safety and functionality of your electrical systems is our number one goal for you and your family.

How do I reset a Circuit Breaker?

1 When a circuit breaker trips, it moves about midway between the full-on and full-off positions.

tripped circuit breaker, breaker set to midway

2 To reset a tripped breaker, push it to the full-off position (opposite all the other breakers in its column) then push it to the full-on position. If it trips again or does not stay in the on position, push it to full-off and contact Schamber Electric Inc.

circuit breaker set to the full-off position

3 Sometimes when a breaker trips, it will not move to the middle position. Run your finger down the on side of the breaker. If it's tripped, the breaker should easily move to the middle position. Proceed as follows in 1 and 2.

circuit breaker set to the on position

How do you locate an Arc Fault Breaker inside the panel?

Look for the circuit breaker that has a label on its front that reads "ARC FAULT BREAKER." The label and the "TEST" button can be seen without removing the front trim of the panelboard.

How do I reset a GFCI receptacle?

  1. Unplug all electrical devices from the GFCI circuit
    • Outside receptacles
    • Garage receptacles
    • Kitchen receptacles
    • Bathroom receptacles
  2. Press the TEST button to make sure the GFCI is tripped.
  3. Press the RESET all the way in.
  4. Now you should have power at the GFCI receptacles.
  5. If you precede to have a problem, please contact Schamber Electric Inc.
reseting GFCI receptacle

How do I change the time setting on my vacancy sensor?

The instructions to change the setting on your vacancy sensors are located here.

Levition - Vizia+ | Intermatic - ST01/ST01K/EI600 | Legrand - Wattstopper | Pass & Seymour - Vacancy Sensor Switch

Chirping Smoke Detector

When a smoke detector chirps, it usually means the battery is dead. To replace the battery, refer to the manufacture's instructions. Schamber Electric uses two smoke detectors based on builder specifications. Please use the correct instructions for your home.

Firex Smoke Detector | BRIK Smoke Detector

I have a timer on my Christmas light outlets. How do I change the time settings?